November 26, 2010

notes and power point for general pharmacology

PowerPoint and notes for general pharmacology
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November 22, 2010

Pharmacotherapy Of Depression

 A nice book for treatment strategies of depression
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Pharmacotherapy Handbook, 7th Edition

This is a handbook that gives rapid information about treatment of common diseases
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November 12, 2010


Excellent  book for physician to know recent therapy for common diseases from clinical view
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Pharmacology and cough

One of the experimental pharmacology series that provides pharmacology for drugs used for cough treatment
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Oral Pharmacotherapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction

 A book that provides advanced treatment for male sexual dysfunction
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November 10, 2010

Twitch V2.1.8

The Virtual Rat is a simulation of the rat phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragm preparation - a robust in vitro preparation which has been widely used in the study the actions of neuromuscular blocking and reversal agents, and other drugs which affect neuromuscular transmission.

The hemidiaphraghm is a large, focally innervated, respiratory skeletal muscle, composed of fast-type muscle fibres. Neurotransmission is mediated by nicotinic cholinoceptors. Electrical stimulation of the phrenic nerve evokes fast, shorting-lasting muscle twitches.

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Rat CVS V3.3

The Virtual Rat is a simulation of a pithed rat experimental preparation for investigating the actions of drugs on the heart and cardiovascular system.

"Pithing" refers to the destruction of spinal cord pathways, severing all the nerve connections between the brain and the cardiovascular system.. This greatly simplifies the interpretation of experimental results by removing the central baroreceptor reflexes.

The simulation allows you to observe traces of blood pressure, left ventricular pressure, venous pressure, heart rate and contractile force on a simulated chart recorder, to apply a variety of different drugs, and to observe their effects.

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Cat V2.5.6

The Virtual Cat is a simulation of the anaesthetised cat experiment - a whole animal preparation which is widely used as a tool for screening the actions of new pharmaceutical compounds on the cardiovascular and skeletal muscle systems.

Compared to studies on isolated cells or tissues, whole animal preparations such as this have the capacity to reveal the multiplicity of effects that a drug can have on the different organ systems.

The simulation allows you to observe the traces of blood pressure, heart rate, skeletal muscle and nictitating membrane twitches on the screen, to apply a variety of different drugs and to observe their effects .

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P450 ( drug interactions program)

A program that shows drug effect on the cytochrome P450 and expect interactions that may occur with other drugs
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